Stefan Rummel

Tempelhofer Feld (Tempelhof)
Tempelhofer Damm / Columbiadamm / Oderstraße, 12049 Berlin-Tempelhof
opening times surrounding area: daily 6:00 – 21:00

“querfeldein / across country” (2013) Audio Work by Stefan Rummel
three site-specific sound pieces for the Tempelhofer Feld (for headphones)

A fictive line runs from the metal fence opposite to the former airport terminal (lettering on bottom 16A – 20A 26 I 25A, first point of listening) along the little u-shaped hill, which is the centre of the second sound piece, to the first airstrip. Here you find two red-and-white blocks of stone (mark on the lawn 4 I 3) facing the little radar unit, the centre of the third sound piece.
This line has no other function than establishing three diverse points, circles on this large field. Each of this place has its own motion, its own rhythm. The sound tracks are correspondent, with a likewise basic structure, but with a different motion sequence and varying rates. They absorb the structure of the relating place or provide a contrast to it.

Stefan Rummel
Stefan Rummel was born in Nuremberg, Germany. Education: 1989 – 1996 Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg. He lives and works in Berlin. Several national and international exhibitions, performances and sound installations, e.g. Berlin, Cologne, New York, Sibiu, Bergen, Zagreb, Recife, Maribor.

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