Neele Hülcker

Projekte am Kottbusser Tor
Adalbertstraße 4, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
opening times surrounding area: permanent

“And that people effectively gobble up all the other people on this planet, too” (2013) Audio Work by Neele Hülcker

lisa: so you want to know what I happen to be thinking about the piece right now?
neele: yes, do give me feedback on what you think of the idea, what could be done differently and do also elaborate – should something occur to you spontaneously – on what could be made out of it in the end…because: right now I’m at this point where I don’t know what I should do with the ending and…yes…
lisa: ok, you’ve already told me a bit about it…yes, you want to do something at Kotti…and you’d like to, um, create some sort of counterpoint to the loudness, the flagrancy there
neele: hmm
lisa: and at the start I immediately thought: ah, ok, birds chirping and the sound of waves…and then I thought: well, Neele can’t be serious (laughs)…well, not completely serious, anyway, and then I noticed: ok, it keeps on overriding more and more and getting more and more intense, and it’s becoming horribly loud just now and it’s actually a place that could never really exist. With the stark noise and birds that override one another. And then it just stopped pretty quickly and I kept… felt so thrown back because I was never sure: are you serious…do you really want to right now…
and then I thought…oh, God, that’s so typically Neele! (both laugh) Because
it continued like that…and then you took it back again and reflected upon it again and thought about the purpose again and asked people again and then I thought: ok, this will keep on getting more and more intense and now that you are asking me again if I would reflect on it again…

Neele Hülcker
Neele Hülcker was born in Hamburg in 1987 and  lives in Berlin. Composition studies in Lübeck, Helsinki, most recently in Dresden with Manos Tsangaris and Franz Martin Olbrisch. Works in electronic and instrumental music, performance and sound art.

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