Genoël Lilienstern

Mellowpark (Köpenick)
An der Wuhlheide 256, 12555 Berlin-Köpenick
opening times: daily 10:00 – 20:00

„Academy of the Arts building lands  – Call for tenders Mellowpark“ (2013) Sound design by Genoël Lilienstern

An important function of cultural events and art institutions is making new opportunities accessible. Through the lense of art we are enabled to discover treasures where before we  only saw insignificance and rawness. Thus art in public spaces is an important stimulus for the development of cities. It is an interminable success story in which fantasy and creative ideas prepare the grounds to get eventually converted into monetary values.

Not everyone will be brave enough or have the means to profit from the „Avantgarde of Enterprise“ and to make a dream come true.
Some may even shy away from possible conflicts with the temporary users. But if there is only one visitor getting enchanted by the view of this marvellous site – someone who makes the difference – it may already be enough. This place will be out of all recognition, because it is a worthwile investment.

Academy of the Arts building lands – art is our passion.

Genoël von Lilienstern
Born in 1979 in Monschau, Germany. Studied composition in Bremen and Berlin, sonology at the conservatory in The Hague, and a master’s degree grant at the Den Haag und scholarship at Ensemble Modern Akademie Frankfurt. Currently a fellow at the UdK Berlin’s graduate school. Performances through Ensemble Intercontemporain, Interface, Mosaik and others.

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