Thom Kubli

ExRotaprint (Wedding)
Gottschedstraße 4, 13357 Berlin-Wedding
opening times surrounding area: daily 7:00 – 20:00, weekends earlier closing times

„EXROTASOUND“ (2013) Audio Work by Thom Kubli

Work, art, social dynamics: EXROTASOUND explores the metaphysical dynamics of ExRotaprint as architectural, social, cultural place. In the course of a recorded performance the piece creates theses that don´t want to be proven. Instead, the audience is invited to let their thoughts meander around reality of space, human dynamics and architecture. The acoustic main thread will be perforated by improvised “Arbeiterlieder” (workers songs), which can be perceived at particular relevant spots within the ExRotaprint site in Berlin/Wedding.
Performers: Thom Kubli, Susanne Sattler

Thom Kubli
Born 1969 in Frankfurt am Main, works as an artist, composer and director in Berlin. His sound related art installations have been presented e.g. in New York, Mexico City, Berlin, Cologne. For the WDR he composed numerous radio play soundtracks. His radio plays have been broadcasted in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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